Dental Extractions in Chandler, AZ

From time to time, a patient may need a tooth extracted for one of the following reasons:

  • Your teeth are overcrowded, or you are born with an extra tooth.
  • Infection is damaging your tooth and the bone underneath.
  • Decay has spread so far into the tooth root that the tooth is no longer viable.
  • Your adult teeth have grown abnormally above your baby teeth, and one may need to be removed.

We do everything we can to save a tooth, but we also know when a tooth needs to be extracted. Don’t let infection and decay spread to your jaw and your other teeth! Let us extract a tooth that is putting your oral health at risk.


When you come into our office, we start with x-rays to see if an extraction is recommended. If your tooth needs to come out, we start by administering a numbing agent, so you don’t feel pain during your procedure. We can also help make you comfortable with one of our amenities or with sedation dentistry.

Once you are numb, the dentist uses a specialized tool to help with tooth removal. If the extraction is complex, different tools may be used to help remove the tooth. We may also discuss sedation options to help you feel comfortable during the procedure.


You’ll bite on some gauze for a short time following the extraction. After a tooth extraction, we can show you how to keep the area clean. We can also discuss what to avoid during your recovery process, including drinking through straws, using tobacco, and vigorous rinsing.

We may recommend some pain medication, especially if you have more than one tooth extracted. Depending on the severity of the extraction process, you may want to avoid physical activities that could disrupt the healing process. You can also use ice to reduce the swelling.


Don’t let tooth decay continue to cause you pain and discomfort. Call us today to find out how we can help! Our staff at Anytime Dental can take care of you and your family.

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