Dentures In Chandler, AZ

Do you struggle with the loss of many or even all of your teeth? We want our patients in the areas around Mesa to feel like they can smile without hesitation. We can restore your full smile with a beautiful set of partial dentures or full dentures.

In addition to traditional dentures, our office provides implant-supported dentures that offer more stability and permanency. Whether a partial or full denture, ask us about implant-supported dentures or visit our dental implants page to find out more.


If you need a full set of dentures, we can create traditional dentures custom-designed to fit naturally in your mouth for a stunning new smile. You can wear your dentures daily, removing them for cleaning each night.


When only a few of your teeth are missing and your remaining teeth are still healthy, we can create a partial denture for you. Our partial dentures are set into a metal framework that attaches to some of your remaining teeth, filling in the gaps left behind by missing teeth.


Our implant-supported dentures use dental implants to provide a stable foundation for dentures. The dentures can be full or partial and are attached to titanium post implants that are securely placed in the jawbone.

With an implant-supported denture, you won’t have to worry about adhesives or worry that your dentures will slip out of place while you’re eating.


At Anytime Dental, we want you to have a positive dental experience, which is why we make every effort to give you customized dentures. Using impressions, we create a plan to craft dentures that fit comfortably and work great. Getting your smile back can not only restore the use of your teeth but can boost your confidence as well!

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