Porcelain Dental Crowns - Chandler, AZ

Our team at Anytime Dental in Chandler AZ is experienced in placing dental crowns to provide protection for your teeth. We use dental crowns made of durable materials that will add to the functionality of your smile. Our team can get rid of pain, clean out decay, and repair your tooth, so you can eat without worry or discomfort.

Dental crowns can do more than just cap a tooth after a root canal. A dental crown can also give support to a broken tooth or a tooth that has a large filling. We also use dental crowns with many of our dental implants.


When you come in for a dental crown, the first step in our process is to prepare your teeth and take an impression. The impression helps the lab create your unique dental crown.

After your first visit, we schedule a time for you to return. At this visit, we will place the new crown and ensure that it fits well. The dental crown is then permanently bonded to your tooth, providing a protective barrier that adds strength and stability to your smile.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call and ask.


When you have a dental crown placed, you can take care of it the same way you take care of your natural teeth. Continue to brush and floss every day. Be aware that chewing on ice or other hard foods can damage both your natural teeth and your crown.

Aside from these concerns, you have only one task: enjoy the beauty and functionality of your new crown!

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